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Finding The Perfect Car

When you have made a solid decision about which type of car will best fit your needs, it is time to zero in on the details. You will have to decide on specifics like, make, model, color, options and more.

Of course we all would like to own a car that we have chosen every last bit of detail for, be it an unusual paint job or something as practical as an ABS system.

However the more leeway you are willing to give on your preferences, the better your chances are of making a great deal on your car purchase. There’s no need to sacrifice any options that are absolutely necessary to ensure your safety and comfort while on the road, but if you are willing to be flexible as to what color and accessories are included in the package, you may just find a more reasonable deal and certainly more options to choose from. This will give you more leverage when it comes time to bargain for the final price of the automobile.

Let’s put it this way: say you have very strict requirements about your chosen car’s paintjob and rims. Or perhaps you just have to have that expensive and esoteric car stereo system. What are the chances that your car dealer has a car on stock with those exact same specifications? Fairly slim actually and if they do have what you want in stock, chances are you will have no other choice but to pay the price the dealer is asking for. Either that or find another car dealer who does carry your chosen model in stock but is willing to lower the price.

Of course if you do find the model you want with the specifications you want, you wouldn’t want the dealer to know that so you can proceed with the negotiation as if you were just not that particular about the little details.

You may want to call several car dealerships in your area and ask about your chosen car model. This will give you an idea how much of them are available so you can then plan your bargaining strategy accordingly. Keep track of the results you gather from your inquiries; make notes detailing the name and contact information of the dealer and what line of cars they carry. This will help you get a clearer picture of all the options available to you when you make your final decision.

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